SureFact #1: Did you know…

No insurance product in South Africa currently protects you against the risk of under-insurance on your Home Owners cover.

The implication to you as a home owner, is best demonstrated by the following example –
Due to a severe storm, your house is flooded. Despite your efforts to limit the damage, the total cost of repairs to your ceilings, carpets, laminated floors and cupboards amounts R 100 000. The assessor informs you that your building is insured for R 1m, but the correct replacement value should have been R 2m. The principle of average (under-insurance) therefore determines that you have only insured 50% of your building (R 1m in stead of R 2m). For this reason the insurer will only pay 50% of your claim, being R 50 000.

With I’SURE Home Owners insurance, you will never have to incur sleepless nights over your insured amount – i’SURE waives under-insurance 100%


SureFact #2: Did you know…

In terms of the National Credit Act, promulgated in 2007, as a home owner, you have the right to choose where you want to place your home owners insurance, irrespective which credit provider offers you your bond. According to this act, the credit provider must also inform you of this right.

Buying a property, obtaining finance and finalising all the paperwork, is an extremely exciting but intensive process. The last thing we consider is the cost of the home owners insurance. This is also one of the last pages included in the pack of documents signed at the attorney when finalising the bond.

In order to verify what you could be saving per year, click here for a quick calculation.


SureFact #3: Did you know…

If you have no idea what the insured amount on your bonded property is or how much you’re paying – you are one of the 8 in 10 clients that don’t!

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments most individuals will make in a lifetime. It makes sense to ensure that we maintain, enhance and protect this investment. It however only dawns on most people after severe damage is caused to the property, that they have no idea what it is insured for and how much they are paying.

With i’SURE we take care of your insured amount, every year. The i’SURE Home Owners Insurance is not only one of the best priced products, but also provides first to market cover – to name but a few benefits:

  • Full geyser warranty – whatever the cause of the geyser malfunction, it’s covered
  • No under-insurance – we ensure that you are correctly insured – every year!
  • Scientific pricing, ensuring the best premium for your home
  • Complying with all your bank’s requirements – your bank offered you a loan; the least you want to do is ensure that they are satisfied with the cover you’ve obtained for the property – Home Owners insurance from i’SURE complies with all the requirements of all South African banks.


SureFact #4: Did you know….

If damage such as water damage is incurred at an insured property, due to a lack of sufficient maintenance, it is not covered by insurance.

Often we neglect to perform required maintenance at home, due to a lack of time to obtain quotations or search for vendors. Sometimes it is merely because we did not realise that an aspect of the property required maintenance.

The maintenance of your property, whether it is bonded or not, is your responsibility. At i’SURE we realise that you do not have the time or sometimes forget to perform the required maintenance. For this reason, each of our policy holders automatically obtains membership of the Help@Home club. Via this unique service, we assist you to source and obtain quotations from reputable, pre-qualified vendors in your area. We also send you regular reminders of required maintenance and in addition, source special deals on your behalf – proof of i’SURE’s commitment to your peace of mind.