Home Owner Insurance

i’SURE Home Owner Insurance was created to fill the gaps that exist between the different services and products you need to own a home, secure it and look after it properly. After all, owning a home is one of the greatest investments you will ever make.

But, once you've purchased and financed your home, where and how do you start to protect your investment? What are your rights and responsibilities as a home owner? How do you maintain your home on a continuous basis? And what about improvements – can it be done without incurring unnecessary costs, frustrations and delays?

i’SURE Home Owner Insurance provides you with a centralised solution to these challenges – from reminders of when to do what, to savings on property-related products and services. We even offer you the most comprehensive insurance available on your property.


Why did we create this solution?

Most of us have experienced the frustrating process following the purchase and financing of a home. You are merely ‘informed’ of the costs, where you need to go to, or where to sign what. The final document you usually have to sign to secure your bond, informs you of the ‘compulsory insurance’ you must take on your property…

You have barely signed all the necessary documents, when the next round of frustrations starts – contractors not fulfilling a contract when you do renovations or maintenance, not to mention the cost discrepancies between the quotation and the final invoice. To top it all, we're all too familiar with stories about claims being repudiated due to reasons such as latent defects, structural deficiencies or poor maintenance.

Clearly there is room for improvement – a task i’SURE has taken to heart with our Home Owner Insurance!


What does i’SURE Home Owner Insurance do?

i’SURE Home Owner Insurance provides a holistic, centralised solution to all the frustrations surrounding home ownership. To mention only a few unique benefits:

  • when insuring your home through i’SURE, you will for the first time in South Africa, experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will never be under-insured!
  • offering you Home Owner Insurance on your bonded property that is guaranteed to be at least 20% less than the rates generally offered by credit providers
  • when you decide to change your Home Owners Comprehensive insurance to i’SURE, we handle the tedious process of cancelling your existing insurance with your bond holding bank on your behalf.


In addition to the above I’SURE also:

  • put you in control of the maintenance your property will require
  • do the tedious shopping around for the best prices and providers of home-related products and services
  • ensure that the service providers we recommend are bound by service and quality level agreements
  • handle all the protection requirements of your credit provider on your behalf – no running around from branch to branch.


As an i’SURE Home Owner Insurance policyholder, you also gain FREE membership to our Help@Home Club – your 7-days-a-week, all-year-round personal assistant when it comes to anything pertaining to your home.

We'll even keep you posted on new home-related products and we'll compare products for you. Due to our bulk channelling deals we bring Club Members regular special offers and, just for fun, extend the service to securing your dream vehicle and the best holidays ever!

Our Offering


Whether your property is bonded or not, allow i’SURE to insure it for you at the best possible rates for the most comprehensive cover.

You cannot secure a bond without taking up Home Owner Insurance. However, the National Credit Act gives home owners the right to place their Home Owner Insurance policy with the insurance company of their choice – you do not have to accept the insurance your credit provider offers you.

For many years, credit providers insisted that you insure your home with them. It was an easy process and it offered you peace of mind, knowing that your home is insured. But, did they offer the best available cover at the best rates? And even more importantly, did it truly provide peace of mind?

A few interesting facts to consider…

  • Although credit providers always provide you with a cover amount, they don’t provide any guarantees to protect you from under-insurance.
  • Although credit providers offer various types of cover that independent insurers don't include, such as subsidence and landslip, most such claims are repudiated or paid partially due to the limitations in these types of cover.
  • Although it is in the credit provider's best interests to ensure that they are aware of improvements or maintenance to your property, they usually don’t take an interest in assisting you with that.
  • It is probably the most important insurance you have, but credit providers use automated processes without human interaction to determine your cover amount.
  • It is also in the credit provider's best interests to ensure that they know the value of your property, but they only valuate the property when you apply for finance or when you extend your finance.


The i’SURE Home Owner Insurance policy is the product of years of experience in the local insurance industry, infused with information gained from international insurance cover trends.

i’SURE Home Owner Insurance ensures that your home is protected properly and provides your credit provider with the following benefits:

  • We offer the first insurance product that does not involve under-insurance – if you select to insure your property at replacement value, we'll determine the replacement value and we waive the conditions of under-insurance.
  • We will determine your home's value every year, not just when you claim.
  • Through Help@Home, we will assist you in finding the best vendor and prices, even when damage or loss results from maintenance requirements.
  • We offer competitive premiums – in fact, our Home Owner Insurance on your bonded property is guaranteed to be at least 20% less than the rates generally offered by credit providers.
  • We will ensure that you have guarantees on all work done when you source your vendor through Help@Home.
  • We will provide your credit provider with all the documentation, cover and status they require – no additional administration by you or your credit provider is required.


We make sure your right of choice is respected and exercised: our intermediaries and we will ensure that we explain in detail how your cover works, how it compares to your credit provider's in-house insurance, and what your rights and obligations are.


Maintenance to your property represents those expenses you will incur to prevent the gradual deterioration of the fabric of your property due to rust, wear and tear or age. We understand how easy it is to overlook important maintenance tasks that could reduce the value of your property and invalidate insurance claims. Therefore, our maintenance reminder service will help ensure that these tasks do not fall by the wayside.

However, no matter how well you take care of your property, you always run the risk of encountering an emergency maintenance situation. That’s why we have a 24/7 emergency maintenance helpline to assist you in making this process as painless as possible by

  • sourcing the best price, and
  • sourcing the best vendor on your behalf.


Our sourcing of the best quotes for repairs is based on top prices, but linked to our clients' rating of individual suppliers and vendors. The services and/or products you can expect to receive from our service providers and/or vendors are based on the actual service they have already delivered to our other clients. We monitor the service providers and vendors through service level agreements and quality standard measures that we determine through client satisfaction indexing.

PLUS, if you require the following emergency maintenance services, we'll even pay for it… up to R500 per event for a maximum of three events per year:

  • electrical problems – electrical shorts, power supply breakdown, an earth leakage resulting in no electricity supply at or to the insured property
  • plumbing – flooding caused by bursting and overflowing water pipes, drain pipes, sewerage and toilets
  • glazing services – accidental breakage of fixed glass resulting in a security risk
  • builder/tree feller – trees posing a danger to the insured property or neighbouring properties.

The bottom line? i’SURE Home Owner Insurance assists you to maintain your property with the best products and services at the most cost-effective rates!

Property improvements

Enhancing, upgrading or extending your property – provided it is a well executed project that manages time, scope and costs rigorously – will invariably increase the value of your property and therefore your investment.

One of the biggest challenges is sourcing qualified, reliable vendors to do the required improvements. Not to worry – i’SURE Home Owner Insurance will assist you with all the various aspects involved in home improvements by:

  • sourcing the best price, and
  • sourcing the best vendor on your behalf.


We also monitor these vendors through service level agreements and quality standards measures that we determine through client satisfaction indexing.