Cheaper House Insurance - A Few Tips To Save Money

Is there such a thing as low cost house insurance? There may be a better question. Is home insurance really that expensive? Homeowner’s insurance may very well be the consumer’s best buy when it comes to insurance. There are multiple benefits and features that make the home policy unique. Most everything that the homeowner owns including the dwelling can be covered in some way by homeowner’s insurance. When you think of the magnitude of the coverage afforded by homeowner’s insurance versus the premium paid then you would have to agree that homeowner’s insurance is a very good buy. There are, however, two areas that the home insurance buyer really needs to focus on to get cheaper house insurance.

Accurate Dwelling Amount – This is the first most critical decision that you will make with regards to getting low cost house insurance. The square footage of your dwelling has to be correct in establishing the replacement value of your home. The market value is of little use to you when you purchase insurance to rebuild the structure. Replacement cost is better for homes that have been built within the last 40 years. Check with your insurance company underwriting guidelines.

Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value – This facet of your home insurance policy should be clearly understood as it can mean cheaper house insurance for you – or not. Replacement cost insurance on both your dwelling and its contents means that the insurance company will rebuild or replace your loss with like kind and quality. Actual Cash Value will calculate the replacement cost and then subtract for depreciation. The actual cash value policy is cheaper but you will have to come up with the depreciable amount out of your own pocket which makes one wonder if it really amounts to cheaper house insurance in the long run. The bottom line is that you have to be cautious when taking out low cost house insurance so that you don't end up underinsured.

Cheaper house insurance is within a homeowner's reach, it just takes a little bit of savvy to know when you are getting low cost house insurance and when you are simply being ripped off.