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As a broker in the South African insurance market, you’re probably of the opinion that you already have access to all the best of breed insurance solutions. Most motor and household insurance products offer all covers, including building insurance.

When it comes to building insurance, the advice you provide your clients with on bonded property, is most likely that it is already insured with the bank.

Have you however considered that:

  • That the NCA now allows clients with bonded properties, the right to choose their own insurance
  • That the insurance cover and confirmation requirements of banks, could be offered to your client by you, the broker
  • That with current building costs, home owners insurance is not the R 50 premium of a few years ago


Contact i’SURE today and find out how you can now extend the service and products you offer your clients, to include the most comprehensive cover available in South Africa, on their bonded properties.

You’d be surprised at our integrated offering, enabling you to switch your client’s building insurance – hassle free!

Mortgage Originators

We offer the best home related insurance, just like mortgage originators find the best finance package for prospective home buyers.

As a mortgage originator, you can enter into an agreement with i’SURE in order to offer your clients the best home related insurance solutions.

Contact us to ensure you reap the benefits of this opportunity – we’ve streamlined and aligned our processes to your industry practices – it’s quick and easy to implement.

Estate Agents

Selected estate agents can provide their clients with the added value of referring them to i’SURE - contact us to find out whether you qualify for this service.

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