About Us

I’SURE was launched because of the many gaps and potential losses due to uninsured risks that exist in interlinked industries such as banking and insurance.

Great modularised solutions do exist in South Africa, allowing you to for instance obtain a home, protecting a home, maintaining a home and improving a home. All of these, like most things in life, cost money and leaves much to be desired.

The opportunity was to fill the gaps between the options. Once you've purchased and financed a home, where do you start to protect this new and probably biggest investment? Will it be comprehensively insured, and can I maintain it according to minimum requirements? Will improvements be done without incurring unnecessary costs, frustrations and delays?

What are your rights and responsibilities and what are the most common traps?

I’SURE not only provides answers to these questions, but also offers unique solutions - from reminders of when to do what, to savings on property related products and services. It even extends to the most comprehensive insurance available on your property.




Regent Life Assurance Company Limited (Regent Life) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Holdings Limited (Imperial). In terms of the rating of black empowerment credentials, the status of Imperial has a direct impact on Regent Life. As a leading transportation and mobility group, Imperial is at the forefront of embracing positive change in our country.

Regent Life has played a vital role in encouraging black empowerment in the life insurance sector. It is a signatory of the Financial Sector Charter which is the first voluntary BEE Charter where representatives of the financial sector are committed to transformation of their sector so as to benefit all South Africans.



Regent Life Assurance has representation countrywide and is a fully licensed life insurer engaged in credit life insurance, in relation to vehicle finance arrangements marketed through the Group, other motor dealers and through a call centre.

We also specialise in:

Individual Life Cover, Mortgage Protection and Funeral Cover, as well as Employee Benefits, Consulting and Pension Solutions.

Working to a strong corporate ethos enables the company to develop year on year, and allows us to remain focused on providing innovative products, instilling a culture of performance excellence and remaining committed to transformation.


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1468 Corporate Complaints & Compliments Management Process

ASISA Standard on Unclaimed Assets Jan 2013

Conflicts of Interest Regent Group Policy Sep 11